Day 7. Brenda’s closet.

Still getting over this bug. I tried to find something different to wear so you wouldn’t be bored, but I work most of the time , so my house clothes supply is limited.   So glad no can see me…I look like a sloppy ghost.  Maybe some day I’ll do a sick video, but what would be the point? Ha!

Want to do some more closet? Probably a good idea. I don’t want to leave you with the project half done.  Think how good you’ll feel when it’s finished!

Tops-blouses, tees, sweaters, jackets.  Same thing, get rid of anything that’s old, bad fitting, damaged, or that you just regret. There will be things that you need to try on to make sure about how you feel. Do it..or you’ll be second guessing yourself later. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Put on a pair of pants that you feel good in and a pair of shoes. Fluff your hair a bit, and maybe a touch of blush or lipstick. You want to look good while you’re trying things on.  Nothing will look good if you look know that.  We want this to work. We want to find some things that are wonderful and that you’ll love.  You do own some, you just need  fresh eyes.

Remember, open mind. Smiling face and positive attitude. A dress can also be a tunic or worn as a light coat. Try it with a belt, or pull a sweater over it and pretend it’s just a cute skirt. Try it with tall boots. Try it with a blazer or jacket. Try a denim jacket, roll the sleeves. These are just a few examples. Everything you own can be worn in multiple ways. Experiment with layering…there is no wrong way.  The whole point is to look at your wardrobe with new eyes.  You can create many new outfits with only a few pieces if you just practice.  Have fun. Express yourself!  We all have an idea of how we like to look, but it doesn’t happen by accident.  Work at it.  Once you find one outfit you like, mix it up some more. Play.

One more tip. Take a picture of the outfits you like, or hang the pieces together, or write each outfit down in a notebook. Really. Once you start to mix and match, it’s easy to forget what looked great with what and how you did it. This will also save you time when getting dressed.

You can do this. Have a friend come and help. Have a glass of wine. It’s fun and creative, and you’ll be so glad you did this. Wait and see!

Can’t wait to hear. Take care, Brenda