Day 8. Brenda’s closet.

Feeling better. Sun helps. Our son is bringing brunch today, so I really have to make an effort to look normal. I found two Vince sweaters I had tucked away for warmer weather. Same sweater, one is gray and black, the other is blue and black. If one is good, two is better.  I went with the gray and black, over black tank with black waffle knit leggings. Gray knit Uggs and a soft white scarf wrapped around my neck a few times andI’m starting to look like myself!  A little blush, bright lipstick and my black frame glasses, and ta-dah! It’s me!

What did we do before boots and leggings?  Such a great look for so little effort….let’s not ever let it go away. It works on all of us-any age and any size.  If only they made summer boots, we could do this all year. I think I’ll work on that!

Sorry about the long closet blog…didn’t want to leave you hanging.

Have a wonderful day. So beautiful!  Take care, Brenda