Day 9. Brenda’s closet.

I want to tell you about a great idea that has evolved out of our need to have time and space to get dressed in the morning. I call it my beauty spot, but my daughter and her friends call it a “ready room”. A more accurate name for a staging area when you’re getting ready for your day!  It’s the perfect solution to morning anxiety.

You take over any spare room in your house. This is where you keep your make up, your hair tools, a couple of good mirrors and good lighting. Keep your jewelry and accessories in this room. It’s just your spot to get ready. No sharing the steamy bathroom or dancing around other people to see yourself in the mirror. You have quiet and privacy to start your day off right. Listen to your music, have a window and daylight to do your makeup .

Try this.  I promise it will make a world of difference in how your day starts.

Take care. Give your sweetie a hug. Brenda