Did you see all the purses from Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs?

2014-11-13 10.58.51

Yes, I’m name dropping…because we are seeing so many great bags and we want to share them with you!   There is nothing quite like a beautiful purse to finish your outfit or make your friends green with envy…This season there are such varied styles—from hobos to frame bags, to cross body to hippy fringe bags!  The one you carry pretty much defines you –at least for the day.  It’s kind of interesting how people notice your purse before they notice almost anything else. Or at least women do.  They say the most important thing is your choice of accessories—that would be purses, shoes, and jewelry—purses being the most obvious of all.

We have at least 200 purses or bags in our stores all the time—from Dooney and Bourke to Coach to Gucci to Chloe To Hobo to Kate Spade to Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs to the BIG ONE- Louis Vuitton! It changes daily!  Still haven’t been in?  Think of all you’ve missed—and all at our amazing prices!2014-11-13 10.49.32 HDR

Kate Spade-new with tags-our price $199. Marc Jacobs-$425.

We are good at what we do.  Stop in! Love, Brenda