Did you see the video of the woman buying diapers?

It was on the news…a lady was buying diapers and couldn’t pay for all she had brought to the counter.  She decided to buy just one box and the woman behind her paid for the other three boxes ($120.00).  No big discussion–she was just kind, and paying attention.  The woman she bought the diapers for accepted the gesture with grace and gratitude.

Little gesture, but made a big difference in both women’s day…This made the news–because it’s rare?  Sad thought.

There’s so much going on in the world and in our lives these days, that sometimes we feel like we can’t control or change anything—but we can.  It starts with small things.

  • Do the right thing–every time.  Your heart knows.
  • Be kind.
  • Pay attention-to everything.
  • Speak up.  The bad guys count on you to do nothing.

We can’t give up, or shrug and just accept—do something! You can make a difference!

Fly your flag.  God bless America.  Remember. living here is a privilege.

Take care. Brenda, Maggie and Bob