Do you know the difference between resale and retail?

50% off the price in retail stores is NOT the same as 50% off in our stores.

In consignment (or resale), our first price is less than 50% off in retail.  We start at 60% to 80% off, so you are already getting a fabulous price!  That $100 sweater starts at $33.  It’s a steal at our first price and it’s not shopworn or leftover or damaged.  It’s perfect…we only accept perfect items.

Yes, it’s pre-owned, but that usually means just that–someone else bought it first, but may never have worn it, it didn’t fit, color was wrong,  bad style, gift from an old boyfriend…  Resale gives us all a chance to upgrade our wardrobe without guilt!  Just a smile on our face, money in our pocket and a treasure in our bag!!!

Life is good! xo, Brenda