Do you shop both sides of the street? You should!!!

We have had stores on both sides of the street for years! If you don’t go to all of our stores when you are here, then you’re missing out on half of what makes us special!! You have missed hundreds of things you would have loved, simply because you couldn’t cross the street!!

It’s not about price–it’s about making the shopping easier for you,  It would be overwhelming if everything was all in one store.  We have a clearance store and an intake store, but the other two stores are new inventory every day!!  One is what we all wear everyday–brands we know and love.  The other store is the smaller labels…items that are more unusual, a little funkier, more boutique, things that make you feel special!  Still everyday clothes, just with a little something extra!  Always worth a look!

Pricing is the same in both stores.  There are always markdowns and always new things!!  All you have to do is walk across the street. You already paid the meter, get you quarter’s worth!  You’ll be glad you did.  Trust me- try it once and you’s get it!  You’ll be glad you did, especially when your friend asks you where you got that amazing top!!

There’s a reason we’ve been voted best in the region for 11 years…love you, Brenda