Do you watch “Resale Royalty”?

I do.  Resale has come to reality TV again!  I watch because we share basically the same business name.  They are the “Women’s Closet Exchange” and we are “Closet Exchange”.  We’ve seen a lot of visits to our website as women are searching for the one on TV.  That’s okay with us…we are always happy for new visitors!  We’ve been the Closet Exchange for about 15 years.

We are as good as they are–maybe even better!  First of all–we’re here and they’re in St. Louis.  They are one big store and we are one big store divided into three smaller stores, all on the same street.  We too are a family business.  Happily, I work with my daughter and my husband.  We see as much inventory as they do and all the same labels.   There is one difference—we don’t have any drama! Mostly, we’re just a happy bunch–fabulous staff–smart, funny, beautiful, knowledgeable, and caring.  We wouldn’t make good reality TV.

We are , however, a great place to shop–and unlike the Women’s Closet Exchange, we are consignment.  We sell things for you and then you get paid.  It allows us to have a quick turnover of merchandise..always new items…no “old” inventory.  They are resale.  That means that they buy your things, the store owns it.  If it doesn’t sell, it stays on the floor for as long as it takes. I just wanted to clarify resale and consignment for the new ladies.

If you’re looking for a great store, come and see us!  Three stores, open every day—over 300 new pieces every day–sizes 0 to 24!  Voted best in the region for 9 years in a row!! Thank you.  We love what we do and we’re good at it!   And…we’re here, in your neighborhood…not in St. Louis!

You can be best dressed for less…come and see us!  Love, Brenda and Maggie