Does consignment offer the best in selection, price and value?

Maggie (my awesome daughter) and I went to the mall to check out the inventory and prices.  After a few hours of going from store to store, we had our answer  to the question, “does consignment offer the best in selection, price and value?”—–the answer is YES!

If you haven’t tried shopping at the Closet Exchange stores–you are missing the best shopping experience ever!

Unlike other stores, we add 100 to 150 pieces of fresh merchandise everyday–all one of a kind.  Everything is selected and reviewed by our staff for great labels, current style, and excellent condition.  No buyouts, no closeouts, and no damaged goods.  You would have to shop at dozens of stores to find the same variety–and you’ll never begin to match our prices!

You can be best dressed for less!  Stop in and see us.

Take care,

Brenda and Maggie