Don’t forget gloves—The finishing touch!

leather_gloves_crystal_stud_1_Lwedding-so-prettyGloves are something we forget–I lose them all the time.  They fall off my lap when I get out of the car–I leave a trail of them all over Needham!  However–I like how I look when I wear them.  I look finished–like a grown up!  And they do keep may hands warm.

When you see a woman on the street wearing a pair of gloves–real ones– leather or embellished–you notice.  She looks polished, smart and in control—like she actually left her house ready for the day–not flying out the door while still getting dressed.

Invest in a pair and try them out.  You’ll be surprised.  Warm hands and a polished fashion statement that costs very little.  Please–no idiot strings!