Early fall looks from the designers…

You’ve probably noticed, there’s a lot of black again this fall…that’s okay because it always looks good….and we all have a lot of it! We just need to add one or two pieces to be current.  One interesting thing is that they are showing bright  crayon- color coats—really sharp against all the black!   I think this is something I would do!  Be really pretty in the winter!

Boots, as always, are everywhere—all sizes and shapes, from ankle booties to over the knee!  More ankle boots than ever–with everything!  We’re going to have to own a pair!  (Don’t we all love boots?)

Leather is more important than ever too! You just need one piece—a tank is a good investment because it’s so versatile! But they’re showing shifts, pants, skirts and dresses too.  A separate is the most practical though–lots of possibilities!

Black and white continue to be important colors—that’s great because it’s easy and always works.  Deep blues, more subtle than cobalt are a newer look.  Very pretty and fresh.  Nice paired with white or black!

I did see some tapered slacks–almost pegged….can’t like it.  Very few people can pull off that look and it will be dated before the new year.  Stay with skinny pants or straight legs.  Always classic and current.  (Remember when we thought skinny jeans would go away?  Who knew–we all came to love them!)

Well, I’ll do more research and fill you in!  It’s still early! Take care, Brenda