Closet Exchange Resale FAQ’S

1) What is resale? When Closet Exchange Resale agrees to sell your items. When they sell, we split the proceeds from the sale.

2) Do we buy clothing outright? No.

3) What items do you accept? • Women’s clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry and accessories. • No more than two years old and in the current season. • Freshly cleaned or laundered and on hangers. • Items should be in perfect or near perfect condition. • Three piece minimum to open an account.

4) What designers, brands, and labels do you accept? Please click Here for a list of brands, labels and designers that we currently accept.

5) How long is the resale period? The resale period is 60 days for Contemporary brands and not more than one full calendar year for Designer brands.

6)  What happens to the things that don’t sell? Unsold items become the property of Closet Exchange Resale to be liquidated or donated.  Some of our current charities are: Dress For Success, Boomerang’s, Rosie’s Place and Circle of Hope.

7) Do you return items?  Articles may be reclaimed at any time during the consignment period. After the consignment period any unclaimed, unsold articles become property of Closet Exchange to be liquidated or donated to charity. Responsibility for reclaiming unsold items is that of the consignor. Closet Exchange requires a minimum of 48 hours notice to arrange your reclaim.

8) Who determines the price? All prices are set by the Closet Exchange Resale.  We price items at about a third to a quarter of the original retail price. Brand new items with the retailer’s original hang tags, are priced at approximately half of the original retail price.

9) How do you know how much to charge for my items? All pricing takes into consideration the competitive market.  We research in depth each label and add that information to a database that is constantly updated. Closet Exchange Resale prices must be more attractive than the retail stores in order to sell your items.

10) How do I get paid? When an item sells, your account is immediately credited with the sale.  Checks are mailed monthly for all sales over $50.00 that occurred in the previous month  Amounts less than $50.00 for sales that occurred in the previous may be paid out in the store.  You may use your account balance at any time as store credit when shopping in any of the stores.

11) How do I start?  Can I drop off items for resale at any time? To open an account you need an appointment.  Please call 781-449-7344.  Please click Here for more information about getting ready for your first appointment.

12 ) Why the 30 piece limit per drop-off? This amount assists us in getting your items processed quickly and out on the floor where the shoppers can find them.