Fascinators–we have them!

You know–all those pretty, frivolous hats and headbands and ornaments that are so popular since Kate Middleton! We’ve been stocking them for some time now–feathers, sparkles, flowers, netting, ribbons and more!

They really are gorgeous–and make you feel so special! I’ve heard women talking about hat parties–what a fun idea! The British ladies have always been hat wearers–maybe they know something we don’t. Something about glamour, mystery and sex appeal–something about your eyes looking up from under a brim. Guys love them. Makes us feel a little romantic…

Stop by our Designer and Boutique store at 906 Great Plain Ave. and try on a few. Find a place to wear one–let’s dress like the beautiful women we are.

Take care. Be kind to yourself. Brenda and Maggie