Furry Critters Hate Rain!


I despise the rain, and the puddles, and the mugginess, and the misty off cast from windy rain, and the lightning and its terrible friends THUNDER.  My feet are wet and my hair is frizzy.  Apparently I smell “like a wet dog” after the rain whatever that means!  I have the amazing talent of holding in my potty needs for an entire day if it is gross outside….even when my people are standing the rain saying, “Come on Buddy! Its not gonna get any better. Just come outside real quick.”

Yucky days are meant for snuggling under blankies with my humans, with belly rubs and the occassional potatoe chip.   If it is realllllly hot and I look sad enough, Mama gives me a doggie ice cream in a jadeite tea cup to “cool off”.  We have a HUGE moving fan to cool us while we watch those tv shows with screaming housewives.  Sooooo many angry people on tv.

Let’s take a nap…