Furs–faux and real–we have them!

Fur is back—This year you see it everywhere!  Fur coats, jackets and vests–on hats, gloves, boots, the trim on hoods.  It’s a glamorous and luxurious look, either fake or real.  We carry both real and faux —because it’s a beautiful look, it’s current and it’s warm!

This is not your grandmother’s fur—it’s not for fancy occasions—it’s to throw on with your jeans or your boots and leggings!  It comes in colors and incredible prints, big and fluffy , or sheared and oh-so soft. Layer it over anything!  Just remember to keep your outfit narrow—slim jeans or leggings, boots to balance out the fluffy-factor of the fur.  It’s fun!

We carry assorted styles and types of furs- fake and real- at both our 906 and 931 stores.  Prices start at about $28.00 and go up to $2000.00.

When I was in college, we all bought giant old furs at the Salvation army—we were sooo cool- Ha!  Come and try a vest or a jacket—where else can you go to experiment?  It’s fun!

Take care.  Be happy. xoxo, Brenda