Have you cleaned your closet lately?

This is a great time of year to review what’s in there. If you’re like me, probably some things that don’t fit (too many cookies), and some things you don’t really like, and some things that just don’t work.  We are all so much alike.

Find some alone time and try on all the questionable pieces.  Be honest.  If it really doesn’t look wonderful-don’t keep it. The problem could be the cut, the fit, the style or the color–but if it doesn’t look good, get rid of it. If you don’t, it will just continue to take up space and be a source of stress and/or crabbiness. Try to evaluate what the problem is, so you don’t repeat it.

Just keep things that work, are in good condition, and make you feel good.  This may mean that your closet looks empty–but what’s the point of having stuff that makes you unhappy?  Look at what you kept–figure out why you like it.  Then find more of the same.  Take your time and remember what you’ve learned when you shop.

Consign the things that don’t work! They will probably work for someone else, and the money you make will buy you some new goodies! I know a great consignment shop…

Take care.  Simplify. Maggie and Brenda