Heat wave dressing!

Brenda’s closet.  Day 113.  Difficult at best–unless you are under 20 years old and less than a size 4… because you are perfect!

If you are like most of us, you would like to wear less clothing when it’s hot, but you ‘re a grown-up and it gets complicated!  We don’t want to embarrass our families or scare anyone, so we have to put some thought into this.  The summer season means high, high maintenance–no hair anywhere except on your head, your eyebrows and eyelashes.  I’m overwhelmed already.  (Who decided this–the spas?, the laser makers?–or all those pretty people on the west coast?)

Then you have to consider how to be tan without killing yourself,  how often you need a pedicure (which also means manicure), and what about your hair which doesn’t like humidity!  By now, you’d think we wouldn’t be surprised when it hits 90…happens every year, just like winter (which also always surprises us).  By the way, wearing leggings a lot, seems to slow hair growth, or is it just wishful thinking?  And we haven’t even addressed summer clothes—help me.

With less clothing- cover, hot temperatures, and all that sun, our flaws are more evident.  So, we shave , pluck, wax, tan, polish and perfect ourselves as best we can.  The standard out there is mighty high for people who live in the real world—with family, friends, and jobs.

I’m going to do the best I can.  I’ve found that  long light skirts, shirts with sleeves, tons of sunscreen and huge sunglasses make me less stressed…

We haven’t talked about swim suits yet…stay cool! Brenda