Here’s one that works…short skirts with leggings!!

I see it in exercise wear, but never thought about it for daily wear until I arrived at work with an incomplete outfit (How did this happen?The usual excuse–running late and too many layers–I lose count)!

A tunic is a wardrobe basic for me…so I arrive in a waist- length sweater, leggings and boots—no tunic–argggh. I need a tunic.  I like more coverage of hips and butt, and it balances the look.  No tunic to be found in any of our stores to fit me, so in desperation, I try a short stretchy skirt and–voila–a fashion miracle!  It works great!  I now own four black stretchy short skirts! It’s easier to find short black skirts than mid-thigh length tunics, and it gives you the same look!  (I only wear them with leggings or skinny pants, not for real…)

Some days it just works…thank goodness. xoxo, Bren