Hi sweeties, my brain is working again!

And I’ve missed sharing with you!

After working everyday for 14 years, this recovery time has given me time to observe and think…all my clothes are black, gray, or white!  Any of you could have told me that, but laying in bed, looking at my closet really brought it home-haha.

Then I realized and accepted that I will never give up black.  It’s so simple, always works, and it’s the perfect canvas!  What makes our look memorable is the pop—a piece of jewelry, a scarf, or jacket, or even the cut of what we’re wearing!  If it works for you, stick with it.

“When consistency meets conviction, style happens.”  Carolina Herrera.

Style is a good thing!  Find yours and it simplifies your life!! Yay!

Love you guys, xoxo, Brenda