Hot weather dressing-Lilly and Tory

When it’s this hot and humid, getting dressed is so hard.  We find that long sheer skirts and dresses are probably the coolest things out there. If  you have great legs, shorts and shifts work for you–but if you don’t like your legs, then you have to be more creative.

Lilly Pulitzer and Tory Burch have darling shifts and tops; Forever 21 and Old Navy have great and affordable summer maxi dresses that look fabulous! Luna makes very soft and light long summer staple.

“Soft Surroundings” carries  some nice sheer full gauze pants that are cool and look great–even elastic waists! They are called “beachy gauze pants”, come in 5 colors, sizes xs to lg. Size small is equivalent to a size 6/8, so they are cut generously I love these too, with a tunic.  Go to their for more info.

Well-many hot days to come. Hope this will help a little.

Take care. Use sunscreen! Brenda and Maggie