How it all started…

Brenda’s closet. Day 117.  When I was in college, I saw a nice store in a neighboring town and thought it would do great in the town I was in.  So I went to the owner of the store and told him I had an apartment on the town square in the next town and it would be perfect for his shop. (Never a thought about zoning, or my landlord!!–hey, I was only 18!)  I could manage the store for him!

He said yes, and two weeks later I was the manager of a retail store—and hunting for a new apartment.  Life was much less complicated then—the store was so much fun! My love for retail began then.

I moved to New England and found work in a historic general store—sang in restaurants at night.  Wonderful time!  The store was 150 years old and sold everything–groceries, hardware, wine, cheeses, gas–you name it!  The owner’s wanted to retire—and there I was–young, strong, already knew the business.  Yep,  I decided I wanted to buy the store!

I went to the bank and told them I wanted to buy this store, but I had no money.  However, I was honest, smart, and hardworking.  This handsome banker took a chance on me! (He was actually gorgeous!)  He came up with a plan for me to raise some funds and the bank would match them ,(not only gorgeous, but a creative and imaginative thinker).  As you’ve already guessed, the plan worked!  I bought the store and it was awesome!  Interesting how you have no fear when you’re young–thank goodness–or we’d all still be living at home!

The store was successful.  I later sold it and -you guessed it –I married that banker.  I’m no fool…And so began our adventures together…

Love reigns… love, Bren