How It All Works

To open an account you need to make an appointment.  After your first appointment, further appointments are not needed unless you want one.

Please call (781) 449-7344 between 10am-6pm Tuesday – Saturday to set up a convenient time with our intake store located at 921 Great Plain Avenue in Needham, MA.

  • We have 3 piece minimum, up to a maximum of 30 pieces per visit
  • Clothing no more than 2 years old
  • We accept only current season clothing and accessories (Spring & Summer from February 1st through July31st—Fall & Winter from August 1st through January 31st)
  • Items must be clean, in perfect condition & pressed on hangers (you may have your hangers back)
  • We accept merchandise from J. Crew to Chanel
  • Sizes 0 – 24
  • Clothing, shoes, handbags, jewelry and accessories
  • We have a 60 dayconsignment period.  See FAQ for more details

You receive 50% of all sale proceeds and full tax credit for those that don’t.