How to create the illusion of a waist!

Brenda’s closet. Day 108. I have become an expert at fooling the eye.  As I have often complained, I have no waist.  All cookies and chips go right there–that’s it. Here’s how I make believe I have one.

Wear pants and skirts that have no waistband.  Lots of them just have a wide band that rests on your hip, or no band at all–perfect. No pinching or muffin top. We don’t want to create bumps or edges. Skinny pants, straight or bootcut jeans, capris or skirts all work, just keep them narrow.

Next, a top that falls to your hip, even just rests on your hip–creates a hint of a waist, better than the one you really have. (Stay away from baggy.) Another option is something that falls between your hip and mid-thigh, again, not full , flowing or falling from your chest–you just look pregnant.You should now look long and straight–!  This is just fine if you are going for a simple, classic look. Great earrings and a bangle finish it.

You can take it to the next level with a little bit of magic…a belt.  I see you cringing—but this really works-trust me, I do it all the time!

Put on a belt—one that fits low on your hip. If you are wearing a tunic, add a shirt, or jacket, or cardigan (unbuttoned).  It hides your waist, except for the vertical line in front, accented by the belt buckle, which is also controlling any fullness in the top.

If you are wearing a top that falls just to your hip, put the belt on under the top–belt is on your hip and shirt is untucked.  Then tuck just the center front of the blouse into the belt behind the buckle and and a little of the belt (altogether 6 to 8 inches wide).  Ta-dah! An optical illusion–it gathers the front to contain the fabric, but lets the side and back fall to camoflage the actual waist. It’s a very current look (one I will never give up), and it seems to narrow the hip as well.

I only share these secrets with people I really love! If you are confused, pop by the store and I ‘ll show you–it really works!   Anxiety over clothes is a huge waste of time.  Let’s learn to fix it and let it go!  See ya, Bren