How to cure the winter blahs…

Yes, this is a tricky time of year—snow, rain, gray—so we need to perk ourselves up–or move!  Stop moping (makes wrinkles) and take a little time for yourelf and play in your closet.

Winter dressing is fun because it provides us with a lot of coverage and options!  We can  hide the stuff we hate!  Really–love layers!  I’ve just rediscovered skirts–knits are best–so slimming and comfortable (and you can roll them to adjust the length).Try one just above the knee with tights and boots—so much easier than pants, and as easy as leggings—and you feel pretty!  Somehow it makes your favorite  tops look fresh again!

Add some color—maybe layer a summer top with a winter cardigan–wear your denim jacket with a dress or sweater–try a long skirt for a change.   Add a colored belt. Dig through the dresser or your summer closet and repurpose those summer pieces.  You’ll be surprised at all the new combinations you have and it does lift your spirits!

Try a short skirt with tights and boots–your sweetie will notice! xoxoxo, Bren