How to dress for an un-wintery winter…

2016-01-07 09.55.552016-01-07 10.39.51I find this to be a problem because I love winter clothes—coats, boots, sweaters,  big scarves–all of it–yummy!!  But after a few days at work with these temperatures fluctuating up and down, I realize I have to give in and modify.

Best easy options–do tights, short skirt and boots.  It’s a little less bulky than leggings or skinny pants.  Try short booties in stead of tall boots.  Trade in the big sweater for a lighter, more non-seasonal knit and add a vest!  Try a fake fur one–they’re current and a great accessory but not as heavy as a sweater or a jacket.    They are also more forgiving—I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little chunky after the holidays…so a little camouflage is comforting.  Keep an open mind and mix up your options.  You may come up with a few new favorites!!

Take care and be kind.  Brenda and Maggie