How to look cool when it’s cold inside and boiling outside!

This can be tricky, since we all know how awful it is when you’re in a sleeveless dress and it’s 67 degrees in your office, or you’re in the dairy department of the market in a tank. Brrrr.

Try to layer. Start with a shift, or a skirt or capris with a simple polished top…smooth fitting, no bulk. Remember- it’s hot outside. Invest in a couple of feather weight cardigans (best if waist length or cropped with 3/4 length sleeves), and a couple of short jackets, polished enough for work or lunch.  Try to keep one or two of these in your desk, your car, or your purse—then you are always prepared for the big chill.

Light weight scarves long enough to drape over your shoulders are also a great add on.  Keep to light or bright colors so you don’t look too wintry.

Visit all three of our stores for a great selection of scarves, sweaters and jackets that will help you deal with the fluctuating temps. At the same time, you will dazzle your friends and colleagues with your “coolness”..Ha!

Take care.  Stary cool. Brenda and Maggie