How to look slim….

Even though you ate all the cookies! Some tips to help you look slender while you’re working off the holiday goodies:

1) Wear all one color from head to toe, then add one special piece. Example:a beautiful shawl in your best color tossed around your shoulder, or a fabulous long necklace.

2)Still all one color–long straight pants with a heel or tall boot, tunic top that falls straight from the shoulder to mid thigh. Try a low slung belt or great earrings for zip! Eileen Fisher makes some great tunics, so do Whim, Inc, and 3 Dot.

3)Again–all one color from top to bottom, then add a vest (hides the muffin-top) or an open mid-thigh length coat or sweater (this piece can be a pattern or another color). Theory, Banana Republic, Eileen Fisher, Vertigo, and BCBG all make pretty and
versatile ones.

These tricks really do work–they let you feel comfortable and stylish even though you are a little fluffier than you like to be. The Closet Exchange is here for you–to make you smile, to find the perfect piece you need, to make your life a little simpler and stress-free!

We care. Take care. Brenda and Maggie