How to mix prints? Babette and Piazza Sempione!

2014-04-16 16.54.22

A popular trend–but you don’t want to look like you got dressed in a dumpster in the dark!  Mixing prints can be tricky–so start slow.  Mix one print in two different colors and pair it with a solid color… like a small floral print tank in blue and the same print in pale green in a shirt, wear with dark denim skinnies! You did it!  Try two different color plaids with the same size pattern, or two small graphic prints in different colors. Wear it with a solid for the third piece.  It’s a great look- but not bag- lady crazy…although there is an appeal to that too–it just requires courage!

Our choice here—a large simple floral print with a muted tiny print skirt–looks great.  Shirt by Wolfort-$43.; Babette skirt-$73.  Our other choices: Babette skirt- $93.; Piazza Sempione blouse-$245.; Beverly Feldman purse-$88.; Oscar de la Renta flats-$66.

You can do it! love, Bren and Maggie

Subtle mixed prints!

Subtle mixed prints!