How to mix your pieces!

Mix your textures–a nubby sweater with a straight leather skirt.

A neon bright fake fur scarf with your tweed jacket.

Mix your shapes. Remember, a bulky piece needs a close fitting piece for balance, and to keep you from being overwhelmed.

Mix classic pieces with edgy pieces–a classic white shirt and sweater topped with a moto jacket.

Short sweaters over a longer tee, or a dress.

Mix prints and plaids, but keep the scale and colors complimentary.

Repurpose your summer pieces, experiment with layering.

Roll up sleeves, totally changes the look.  Add scarves, rolled or knotted.

Be brave.  If you always wear that jacket with that blouse, mix it up! Add a sweater or a vest to the mix…more layers, more interesting!

Play in your closet…dressing should be fun!  . xoxo, Bren