I miss my mom…

Brenda’s closet.  Day 101.  I’ve been kind of off this week…just a little sad.  This morning I realized that it’s all about Mother’s Day.

My mom died three years ago… she just faded away after my sweet dad died.  I still find it hard to believe she’s not here. I talk to her a lot, and I know she laughs at things I do that are so “her”, but  I miss her presence–her voice on the phone–her funny, cheery little notes scribbled over her morning coffee–cartoons clipped from the paper–random old photos.  I treasure these things (xoxoxo).  I miss getting mail that isn’t a bill or an ad.  Her notes always had a little drawing on the envelope, or a sparkly heart…I send notes, because of her.

Pay attention to the little stuff.  Those things mean more than all the big things.  They are the essence of who we are—often it’s the little things that show you the real person, but we take them for granted because they are random and small.  Those are the hugs and kisses and smiles–they are “in the moment” things.  They matter.

I sent a gentle book of prayers, poems, and blessings to my mom some years ago.  It came back to me after she passed away.  I wasn’t sure she would like it, but I knew she and Dad loved to read, and there was a side to her that was private…there were thoughts she kept in her heart.

When I opened the book, there was the note I had written on the first page (so glad I did), and as I leafed through the pages, I saw that she had drawn tiny stars or hearts on pieces that had touched her.  She did like the book–of course she thanked me, but you never know.  She had read it, and I think she knew I would see it again.

Here’s a little short one she liked:

“My mother, 72, turns to the handsome man seated beside her on the plane.

‘I bet you were hoping to sit next to an attractive, young blonde.’

Smiling, he replies, ‘I am’ “.    I can see her laughing now..

Treasure your mother.  You are her child and always will be.  Treat her with kindness, gentleness, and respect.  Most of all, be generous with your time. It is a precious and valuable gift that will be appreciated.

Go buy a Mother’s Day card…buy a few! Love, Brenda