I only shop in our stores!

People actually ask me if I do…I’d be a fool not to!  We see the most wonderful things.  I can find something I love every day in each of our stores.  I see more here, in our stores, than I could ever see in the mall or the big box stores.  We only have one of  everything because that’s what our consignors bring us–items they chose for a special event, or because they loved it, or because it looked great, or it was the perfect thing for them on that day!  We accepted it because we liked it and thought that you would too.  We offer you every brand, in every size, in every price range!

The best part is that we chose these things for you. We thought it would be nice if one small part of your life was easy and fun.

Happy New Year! Yes, what I’m wearing came from our stores! Price tag still on it…I bought it!Surell mink shawl onesize $217