I rescued a bird today!

Really! I went out to feed the birds and enjoy the beautiful morning quiet. As I looked around the yard, I saw something hanging on the fence. It looked like a folded dark baseball cap or a big piece of bark. Should I bother to go look now? (Still in my jammies.)Or check later…curiousity and my oc nature got the best of me. As I moved closer, the baseball cap fluttered!!! It was a young blackbird–he wasn’t as big as an adult, but a lot bigger than a sparrow.

All those random animal rescue bits on TV popped into my brain! I got a dish towel and went to the bird. I wrapped the towel around him to fold his wings and cover his head. Amazingly, he gentles and is still. I can feel his little body in my hand. He’s so soft and much smaller than he looks. I can see his leg is wedged between the slats of the fence. (He could never have freed himself.) I gently slide his leg up and out (even his leg and foot are soft!). I opened the towel and he flew right up to the tree where the other birds were. He was fine…and I am so glad.

I know this isn’t a huge event in the grand scheme of things—but I have never held a wild creature in my hand. This event really touched me. I was reminded that life is fragile and precious. Even this little life.

“His eye is on the sparrow…and I know He watches me.” Have a beautiful day. Love, Brenda