I saw a soldier today…

Brenda’s closet. Day 116.  I saw a soldier today in his fatigues—such a young man.  He was holding his wife’s Coach purse, while she tended to the baby.   She was a pretty young thing with strawberry blond hair.  They are all so young, and they volunteer to go into the service.  We need to think about this.

Year’s ago, there was a draft.  It affected many of us–a lot of our friends.  Remember the lottery?  The numbers?  You didn’t have a choice.

That our young men and women actually step up to serve our country is a remarkable thing.  Do any of us really appreciate this ?  Do we think about these young people and their friends and family? What they face?  Most of us don’t think about this at all, unless it touches us on a personal level. These young people are out there protecting us, protecting our country.

Have you seen the ads for the Wounded Warriors Project?  They are very moving–they will break your heart.  Our veterans do not get the support and care that they need and deserve in a timely fashion.  We need to step up ourselves and get involved–they need our help.

If you see someone in uniform, thank them.  They don’t expect it , but they deserve it.

It started with her Coach bag…Brenda