I went home by myself the other night.

It felt very odd.  Bob and I have been working together for over fouteen years!!  Riding in together and riding home together.  Many people say they couldn’t work with their spouse—not me!  This guy  is charming, handsome, smart and funny.  He likes music, so we sing slong to great stuff in the car and he’s not afraid to take the scenic route (thanks to GPS).  We laugh a lot… he’s my best friend!

But he had a meeting so I came home alone.  It was a very odd feeling…a little unsettling.  I’m very rarely home by myself at night.  During the day is different–I’m always busy–lots to do–all those “Martha” things I love  and don’t get to do often.  But at night—hmmm.

I realized that if I lived alone–I probably wouldn’t do very well.  I’d eat whatever was handy, standing at the kitchen sink—and then I’d have to rearrange the furniture every night or take a lot of classes or get another job to fill the evening.

It’ funny how we take things for granted.  Bob is always here–and that makes my life good—but his not being here just for one evening, made me realize how really, really good my life is—because of him.  I should never take that for granted.

Pay attention.. Love your love.  xo, Bren