I’m a symmetrical person…

Brenda’s closet.  Day 115.  I straighten pictures and mirrors hanging on the wall—any wall–mine, yours, the doctor’s office, my kid’s houses–any place that something in a frame is hanging, I’m there to straighten it!

It actually bothers me when stuff is crooked.  Living in an old house is very hard for me since no floor, ceiling, window frame or door frame is plumb, the height of a room can vary by a couple of inches.  Do you know how hard it is to hang a large picture on a wall that is not uniform in height?  I will spend hours figuring our how to camouflage that…furniture placement, more stuff on wall, adding moulding.  Bob always looks for me if he hears a drill or a power saw–he’s sure I’m taking down a wall.

I love a fireplace with bookcases on each side, but the bookcases have to be identical, and the stuff in them has to balance–not identical (that would be silly), but balanced to the eye.  If I can’t do two bookcases, I don’t want one—it would be too hard to make it work–much furniture  reaaranging and hanging up of stuff!  Can’t do one pillow on a couch.  Has to be two.  Yes, it’s odd, but symmetry is peace to me.  I think I see the same tendency in my daughter (maybe it’s a woman thing).  She’s seen me rearrange a room for two days to get it right.  (It is a woman thing–seeking perfection, hmmm?) I’ve seen her rearrange the pictures on her wall until it’s “right”–and there is a “right”–at least for us.

When Bob and I were first married, he rearranged the living room furniture when I was out.  Everything was on the DIAGONAL!  Rugs, couches, everything–I think I lasted two days.  He has never moved furniture again…like I’ve said before, the man’s a saint.

Life is funny.  I also count things…tell me you do…  Keep smiling, Brenda