I’m the granddaughter of a baker…

Brenda’s closet. Day 102. Dangerous gene…grew up eating wonderful breads and pastries every Sunday at my grandparent’s–after church coffee- time.  Our daughter grew up with me, a home baker, as was my mom. There’s nothing quite as good as home made, and our daughter, Maggie, knowing this, is a great cook and baker too!

She invited us to her house for Mother’s Day.  She stayed up all night making  things she knows I love, such a sweetie. It was an awesome spread—lemon pound cake with whipped cream, fresh fruit and pineapple curd, dump cake, ambrosia cake, plus savories!  It was a feast worthy of Martha Stewart in taste and presentation!  Oh, it was beautiful and delicious–I ate some of everything!!

It’s wonderful to finally be at a point where you are the guest, instead of the hostess.  It gives you a chance to  enjoy events on a different level–to really take it all in!  To notice how beautiful their house is, how inviting–how they’ve fussed for you–how great the food is!  It’s so much fun to spend time more as friends–to see their smiles at how much you appreciate and enjoy all their efforts!

It was a special Mother’s Day for us.  I think I’ve passed the torch (or mixing spoon) to the capable and loving hands of our daughter.  We’re looking forward to many more meals as her guests–of course, we’re going to have to be more consistent in our use of the treadmill.

The best baker’s secret—butter…  love, Brenda