I’ve fallen in love with a purse! Escada!!

Through all these years of seeing gorgeous handbags come and go–I have remained aloof…but now..this bag hangs in my store teasing me!


It’s Escada.  We don’t see a lot of Escada purses, and this one is exceptional!  The hardware is all silver-and it’s the lightest, most delicate black leather I have ever seen in a bag!  The pleating on the front is actual folding of the leather, not weaving of separate cut strips–amazing!

We don’t see bags this extraordinary or unique very often–and they never make a copy–too difficult!  Pop in if it tempts you too!  It really is beautiful! Maybe it will be mine…sigh..

Our price- $885. Original price- approx. $2000. We ship! Call 781-449-2500.