Jeans still a puzzle? J Brand or Old Navy?

Don’t feel bad–they confuse all of us.  Between the sizing and the rises and the rinses and lengths….we just want to scream!

Maybe this will help. The rise is basically the length of the zipper. The shorter the zipper, the lower the rise–the lower the rise, the more uncomfortable and the more of you visible in back.  A mid-rise comes to your navel.  A high rise really just comes to your waist and, contrary to popular belief, can be the most comfortable and actually–tucks in some of our bumps.   Just don’t tuck anything into  high rise waisted jean unless you want to embarrass your kids.

Sizes: 30=size 10, 29=size 8, 28=size 6, 26=size 4, 24 = size 2.  This is approximate, but a good starting point.

Brands for slim legs and narrow hips: JBrand, Rock & Republic, Seven, Hudson, Joe’s

Brands for women with a shape: the very good Not Your Daughter’s Jeans(NYDJ) make many different styles and have a great fit–lots of spandex, Banana Republic, J Crew, Gap, Lucky Brand, Gap. Lucky Brand, Christopher Blue and Old Navy.

There are hundreds of brands out there, in every price range.  Try them all, and get the ones that work for you, ignore labels.  If in doubt, stay with a dark wash in a classic boot  cut that touches the top of your shoe, and a waist that doesn’t give you the dreaded “muffin top”. Length is important–always make sure that they are long enough–back hem should be no more than 1/2″ from the floor, unless you’re wearing skinny jeans.

There are many more rules and regs about jeans–who would have thought–but this should help you.

Stop by the Closet Exchange stores if you need a hand–we carry all these brands and more–and we’re happy to help!

Take care. Remember, life is not a reality show. Brenda and Maggie