Let’s figure out the legging thing-ok?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but leggings are here to stay. I now see them as a great option for all of us–no matter age or shape! Really.
The secret is to figure out how long the top you wear should be. Young girls can get away with anything–and so they should. The rest of us can look good and up-to-date if we choose our tops carefully. They should fall at mid-thigh to just below the knee.
Always cover your bottom.

The top should fit nicely at shoulder and bust. You have options after that–empire waists traditionally have some fullness, but an a-line shift keeps the silhouette narrow. You can wear a longer tee with a short boxy tee layered over it. A short jacket over a longer tee is always a good option. Leggings let us wear miniskirts and mini-dresses without looking like we’re trying to be our daughters.

It’s a nice fresh look–especially for those of us who are no longer able to wear shorts or short skirts. It looks good–and you’ll see it on women of every age.

Look for lightweight leggings for summer. Lengths vary from mid-calf to ankle length. Wear what suits you best, but have fun with it! It’s a great current look! We’ll never steer you wrong–

Take care. Look ’em in the eye and smile-and mean it…Brenda and Maggie