Let’s talk about pants…

It seemed for a while, that all we saw on women was yoga clothes, or athletic wear, and skinny jeans.  Funny how we get used to a look and even adapt to it ourselves.  (By the way, BIG tip-Look at yourself from the back before you leave the house in all those tight pants.  Unless you are actually going to work out, you might want to wear a longer sweater or jacket to cover your butt-not always our best asset).

Anyway—I have come to like all these styles, but find I need to modify it to have it work.  I almost always need a longer top or tunic to make it work.  If you are a stick, you can pull off anything, but if you are like the rest of us–you have to make adjustments to achieve a look.

Practice in front of a full length mirror.  If you love a look, be honest with yourself and keep working with it until you like.  You can do it!  Believe it or not, today’s styles require more work!  Take care, Brenda