Let’s Talk About Skinny Jeans

These are tricky. When the trend started, I hoped at would pass–it hasn’t. We need to find a way to make it work. Even the skinniest model out there says you must cover your butt if you’re going to wear skinny jeans, and she’s right.

Easiest is to wear a longer, over-sized sweater, maybe with a slouchy belt and boots. Another option is a longer shirt or sweater with a cropped jacket. The boots balance out the tops, and keep your ankles from looking like bird legs. If you are very slender, ankle boots or flats would work too.

The best looking skinny jeans are 97 or 98% cotton with 2 to 3% spandex. They have enough body to keep from looking like denim tights (only good if you are under 16). Good brands are J Brand, Rock & Republic, Seven, Gap, and Express. (Of course, there are dozens of other brands.)

Hope these tips are helpful–it’s a great slimming look if you put it together right, and very livable. It’s a lot of work to stay current–but it’s worth it. Have fun. More tips to come!

Take care. Be thankful for every day. Brenda and Maggie