More Jeans Options

The best choice in jeans for most of us is the “boot-cut”–narrow or straight through hip and thigh and a slight flare at the hem. The flair balances our hips–a really good thing! The leg opening should be about 19 inches and the length should be no more than 1/4 inch from the floor. This makes our legs look long. Always check length in a mirror–too short makes them “mommy” jeans—not good.

A word about rises–length of zipper. Short zipper means “low rise”, best for the young girls. “Mid rise” is just that, just below or at the navel, and what is now called “high rise” means it is actually at your waist. (This can help smooth out the little bulges–do not tuck in your shirt! Mommy look again—)

In any case, try them all on, always look in the mirror for length, and don’t get discouraged. You’ll find jeans that work. More brands: Old Navy, Gap, J. Crew, Earnest Sewn, James Cured, and Twill 22. Good luck. More next time…

Hug your kids–your sweetie too. Brenda and Maggie