My favorite–boots!!

Late summer–are you starting to feel it? A little undercurrent of cool, dry air? Let’s start thinking about boots–the most wonderful fashion accessory there is! They can make you look taller, thinner, smarter, cooler, richer,more beautiful, more confident than anything! They can balance out your shape, camouflage a bad outfit, start a conversation with a stranger, make you feel like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”! I love boots! And so do you!

This year, every kind of boot is fashionable. Here’s a sample: riding boots, over the kneee, to the knee, cowboy, chelsea, biker, ankle booties, and more! Everyone makes boots: Coach, Ferragamo, Kenneth Cole, J.Crew, Gucci, Burberry, Via Spiga, Clarks, Kate Spade, Uggs, Frye–the list is endless. And guess who carries all of these and dozens more? Closet Exchange! Still paying retail? Why?

Come see us, and pay 60 to 80% off the retail price!

Take care. Smile. Brenda and Maggie