My favorite outfit-revisited…

Brenda’s closet. Day 111.  As I wrote the “favorite outfit” blog, I was  just bubbling over, and I am amazed that such a silly thing could make me so happy, but it did! Is it possible for our clothing to make us feel so good, so confident, so positive about ourselves? Yes, I think it can…this is worth evaluating.  I want to start every day feeling like I did that day.  I think we all would like to feel like that…and I think we can!

For me, keeping it simple is key.  This doesn’t mean wear  a black dress and black flats everyday forever—but if it’s a good look for you, than go for it–but learn how to make it your own!  The trick is to find a basic uniform or combination of pieces that always works for you and keep it in mind when you shop  or dress.  You’ve got to accept the things that you don’t like about your body type, or that make dressing hard, and find the solution to that and then stick with it.

For me, no waist means nothing with a waistband, or functioning belt-ever.  I am sucked in by a pretty dress or skirt on occasion, but it always looks wrong—I look like a sausage–bad, bad, bad.  You can camouflage or compensate for anything—just find the right cure.  First, you have to identify what makes you unhappy.

There is a formula for each of us, but it doesn’t happen automatically.  You’ve got to pay attention, give yourself the time.  Even enlist the help and vision of someone else to figure it out.  The hardest part of this, is realizing and accepting that what you wear IS important to how you feel about yourself and what you put out there for the world to see.  It’s not about money or style as much as it’s about self esteem and confidence!  This is one thing you do have control over—and it can make a difference in your life everyday!

Remember my boot dance…we can start everyday like that.  We just have to make it happen…xoxo, Mama Stark