My most favorite outfit!

Brenda’s closet. Day 110.  When I was laying in bed listening to the weather the other morning, they said the most wonderful words—“a high of 50, dropping to mid 40’s in the afternoon”.

I know it’s the end of May and most sane women are buying capris, sundresses, and swim suits—but for me–the mid 40’s and 50’s are the best!  I actually started to smile when I realized that I was being given one more chance to wear the best outfit I ever put together.  I jumped out of bed, grinning from ear to ear , ran to the kitchen to look outside and see–as if I can actually see the chill–and to check the temp.  I am literally dancing while making coffee.   Bob’s sipping his tea and looking at me with this smile (he really knows me), as I say with great enthusiasm, arms flailing and feet tapping, “it’s going to be cool all day!!!  Boots!  Boots!!!”

I am REALLY, REALLY happy!  No stress today.  No rummaging for just the right piece to make my outfit for work.  Today I can pull out the one that makes me feel beautiful, slim, tall, and invincible—that works every time–never fails!  Dress in five minutes and out the door!  I can’t believe how lucky I am!

Yes–it’s boots–and skinny pants and a dolman sleeved sweater over a tunic with white collar blouse and silver jewelry…You know this is my most favorite–never fail, wonder woman outfit!!! As I dash up the stairs, I say to Bob…”If I could wear this outfit  everyday for the rest of my life, I would be  a happy, happy woman!” Aah, the joy this gives me–it’s going to be a great day !

Tomorrow, I am going to try to find another outfit that makes me this glad.  I know it’s somewhere in my closet–and I have a couple of days to make it.  In the meantime, I am still so happy for today…

Don’t put your boots in storage…you never know! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha…..Bren