Nail art—kind of cool!

Brenda’s closet.  I can’t believe all the ads for nail polish–truly amazing!  Available in hundreds of colors, priced from $3.00 a bottle to $30.00 a bottle!  Then there are all the little do-dahs you can add to your manicure–jewels, studs, stickers, stripes–it’s limitless.  And how do you paint those little tuxedos on your nails?  How do you get both hands to look good if you’re not ambidextrous?  I can’t even get both sides of my hair to work–I can’t imagine painting little images on my nails with my left hand!

I’m assuming that you put some kind of topcoat on to protect the artwork.  How long does it really last?  In my job, nothing would last a day–hence my unadorned nails.  Do the little jewels pop off?  My staff finds the imagination and ability to create great art on their fingertips!  I’ve seen some truly astonishing nails here, not to mention the awesome colors!

I think it’s really great that this cheery and affordable fashion statement has really caught on.  It makes me smile to see bejeweled nails on the lady who hands me my coffee, or the mom and daughter shopping together, or the girl at the bank.  It’s self expression that cannot upset or offend anyone.  If it doesn’t tickle you for a moment, you must be having a crabby day—or maybe you need a manicure!

You could just try aqua nails for a start–could be pretty! Take care, Bren