Our Jolene is retiring…

Our Jolene is retiring (you know her from the drop off store). We will miss her beauty, her laughter and her steady presence in intake.  She , like all the other girls in intake, is brilliant and efficient, but the lure of her new home (yay!), her wonderful husband and a young son is strong.  We send her off with our gratitude and our love.  She’ll still be involved in our social media, just not present.

As you know, our intake staff are the most important part of our business.  They are the gatekeepers and the pricers—all so smart and beautiful–full of energy and heart.  Maggie, Nicole and Meredith make up the rest of the team.  They will always take excellent care of you.  Get to know them—I promise, they will make you smile.

Love, love, Brenda and Maggie