Our Maggie is not doing very well…

we need some cheerleaders.

In the fall, our daughter Maggie was rear-ended while stopped at an intersection. She is working hard to recover from whiplash.  She’s pretty private so we didn’t say much about it until she said it was okay, but it’s a long time to feel awful.  It’s lonely,  frustrating, and painful.  As her parents, we wish we could just step in and make her well, but it’s just going to take more time.

We wanted you to know that she didn’t just disappear.  We would be grateful for your positive thoughts and prayers.  You can send cards to her here at the Closet Exchange or email her at- info@closetexchange.com, att: Maggie and we’ll forward them to her.

We think it would be nice for her to know that she is missed and that you care.

Thank you…you are the best.  Love, Brenda and Bob