Our makeover winner gets new hair and makeup!

Brenda’s closet.  Day 109.  Our makeover winner, Susan,  arrived at Luce salon on Chestnut St. in Needham and Franco, the owner, was waiting with a welcoming smile. He’d been looking forward to this! After a consultation with Franco, it was decided to keep her hair at shoulder length, but give her long layers to create lift and fullness.  The cut is beautiful–such great shape.  Susan loved it!  Franco gave her some helpful tips on managing hair that frizzes in humidity and hair color.  He really does know his stuff—but imparts all his wisdom with charm and grace.  He’s the best!

Then our beauty lady, Tracilee Messina, who is “Basic Beauty”, a consulting service in makeup and application (her tag line is “Your look, your stuff, your budget) took over!  Tracilee has been helping women learn the art of makeup application and how to sort through the hundreds of products out there, to find what works for them.  She’s great and a real beauty!  Susan had a lesson in how to accentuate and minimize, in concealer, eye makeup, blush, and lipstick–you name it.  The end result was gorgeous… a subtly enhanced Susan.  Tracilee sent her home with a list of all that was used and instructions on how to duplicate her look.  How’s that for full service!

Then Susan and her entourage returned to the Closet Exchange to photograph the finished product!  Hair, makeup, and all the new clothes!  With all her separates, she will be able to make many outfits, and she looked wonderful!  She was patient, creative, interested, enthusiastic and appreciative—we had a fabulous time!  She was a perfect winner!

Watch for photos of the process in the coming days—so much fun!  Take care, Brenda