Party time is here!

I never really have many things in my closet that classify as party clothes or dress up clothes.  So when an invite comes, I get a little knot in my stomach, and then get a little irritated with myself for not being better prepared…

Big sigh. I love to go to  friends’ parties…but I want to look special.  I dig into my spare closet..that’s where I keep things I don’t wear often..or that don’t quite fit. Surprise! I do have a couple of dressy blouses and a vintage sparkle jacket.   You probably have a couple of things that would work too..just remember, you’re not looking for an “outfit”, you’re looking for something fun and uniquely “you”!

My best “go to” is a great blouse with a big necklace or earrings and black pants or a long black skirt.  Dressing up is not such a big deal anymore.  Your favorite black pants will be fine…just take the accessories up a notch and add heels.  By the way, the long black skirt is not’s something edgy or funky..maybe with boots!

You don’t have to tuck in the blouse either. Add a low belt, or a vest.  You want to be yourself, just a little more bold!

Remember, a party is fun! You”ll be with people you like, and you’re just there to celebrate.

Take care. Laugh a lot…life is a gift. Brenda and Maggie